03 March 2007

Testimonials for David Wee

“I am a believer of luck. The harder you work, the more luck you have. I think David Wee is a believer of luck too, because he works very hard.”

Roger Koh, Chief Executive Officer, Chen Fu Ji International F&B Group

David Wee was a trainer / consultant for our company's Leadership Program in November 2007. He conducts himself professionally, his material is exciting and was able to stimulate excitement for the participants. If the opportunity arises, I would like to attend more of David's training.

Alvin Chua, YKK Holding Asia Pte Ltd Asst HR Manager (Regional)

Today's Competitive advantage is more than just about advantages but it is about creating desire, it is about creating your own customers, it is about creating demand.
SME must understand that they have got to go beyond cost and competition by creating value.

Ron Sim CEO, OSIM International

"Most of today's biggest international corporations started off as SMEs. Nolan Bushnell founded Atari at age 27 with $500 and sold it six years later for $28 million. Warren Avis conceived of airport car rentals at a time when Hertz was already well established, using $10,000 of his own money and $75,000 borrowed money.

Ten years later, he sold that business for $8 million.There seems to be no fixed formula for success although certain traits seem to predominate among these people, such as an irrepressible drive, singleness of purpose, plenty of staying power or persistence, good judgment in hiring talent and the undeniable doses of good luck. There are very successful entrepreneurs who are high school dropouts and there are also those who have Harvard MBAs. Some are well born; others have had to struggle through their childhood years. But bottom line is this: we can build all the great portals of commerce, but it comes to naught if no one comes. And the best product or service is only as good as the customers it lands.

As Mr. Akio Morita, founder of SONY once wrote: "No sale can be achieved unless the buyer appreciates the value of the merchandise." In today's very crowded and competitive market places, branding and the communications of product or service quality becomes more important than ever. Success therefore means that the customer must be convinced.I congratulate Asia Speakers Bureau for its efforts in pushing this message.

Ronald TanExecutive Director, Singapore Institute of Management.

This seminar is most timely and appropriate as SMEs face escalating competition and continuous change in the globalize economy. All SMEs must identify and develop their own competitive advantage to differentiate themselves and be successful. I am sure all attendees of this seminar will benefit from David's knowledge and experience.

Lam Pin Woon CEO - South Asia and Health Supplements Division Cerebos Pacific Limited

"In the next five years, a rapid changing business landscape in Asia is emerging where the opportunities for Asian companies to benefit from comprehensive branding efforts will be larger than ever before. The growing emphasis on international branding will move up the boardroom agenda and branding strategy will become one of the most prominent drivers of financial value and competitive advantage in Asia Pacific. Product life cycles are short and technology is ever changing and somehow unpredictable. Build brands!"

Martin Roll, CEOVentureRepublic,

For the SMEs, their competitive advantage must be the many more opportunities they have in providing personalized service than larger companies. With a flat and simple organization, an SME business owner can strategically organized his entire workforce toward quality service and customer satisfaction. Today's consumers do not mind paying more for quality and personal attention. I believe the SMEs will remain relevant and thrive in the knowledge economy.

Peter, H M Lai, CEO, Star Investment Consulting

“Quality & Service are the price of market entry and the fundamental expectation to remain in business.

Branding and value creation is vital to the continuous growth of the organization.

Competitiveness is more than just knowing what and how to be better than the competition; it is about developing a sales force that knows the importance of creating a relationship with every single prospect at their first point of contact. This, if checked, will transform many potential lost sales into revenue.”

Leo Png, CEO, CEOlution Alliance Pte Ltd

I am really honored to be associated with Asia Speakers Bureau, in their inaugural seminar. Asia Speakers Bureau is a platform for speakers, trainers and consultants to leverage on each other strength so as to collaborate to offer our customers a total solution, in the area of management skills and consultancy services.

I would like to congratulate David Wee, for his passion and commitment to kick start this first seminar.

Ronald Tan, Jason Consultancy Pte. Ltd

Achieving Competitive Advantage is a journey and not the destination. It is the constant and iterative process of “Strategic visioning; effective strategizing; macro management and efficient implementation”. Competitive Advantage is sustained through constant alignment, refinement and management of all the various aspects.

Congratulations to David Wee who has demonstrated great leadership and created competitive advantage for Asia Speakers Bureau.

Koh Thong JooDirector, Success Innovations Pte Ltd

"Being aware of how the forces of nature can affect our lives is an important competitive advantage. Our companies are proud to be associated with Asia Speakers Bureau in its first seminar to be held in Singapore and for me to give my maiden speech on competitive advantage. ASB is a platform where I can share my knowledge of wealth management to people around Asia. David, you have done a marvelous job! Keep it up!"

Lynn YAP, Chief Executive Officer, 3P Group of Companies

David is a Dynamo – highly motivated, resourceful, and helpful. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Janice Kwok, Senior Director, SMa Federation

"In a highly competitive business environment, creating a unique positioning is crucial for a company to survive and to potentially join the ranks of highly successful enterprises. Bringing in his wealth of experience in the business and corporate world, David Wee's program will illuminate the way for any enterprise aiming towards developing a competitive advantage over others."

Kelvin Wong, Entrepreneur and Author of Create Your Destiny.

Competitive Advantage is not only a tool to survive in globalization but also creating breakthrough for achieving better results and maximum profit. Most of creative and innovative people come from SME and they become successful companies. This seminar will challenge you and make your spirit high!

Benyamin Ruslan Naba, Managing Partner, Simaeru Consulting and Simaeru Learning Center

"Your part in this program (Asian Speaker Bureau) made a great contribution to its success. With energy and enthusiasm. David Wee shows the way to the TOP."

Raymond Ang, CEO, PT. Sukses Regional Indonesia, Indonesia's Innovative Training Provider

I would say Asia Speakers Bureau could be one of the biggest things that could happen in Asia market. It gives us a window opportunity to get to know a more experienced and talented speakers to suit our needs.

Yenny Tanurdjaja, Director, PT. Oviss Indonesia

ASIA SPEAKERS BUREAU - The foundation of this organization marks a milestone in the seminar management industry within Singapore. Touted as an organization, which aims to be a leading institution in pooling captains of industries towards sharing their experiences and views, it is a bold step undertaken by its founder, Mr. David Wee to enable small and medium local enterprises to be exposed to the various management practices of international business leaders.

In a relatively short period of time, Asia Speakers Bureau has managed to rally the support of several notable regional professionals and speakers towards enabling it to realize its primary objective. This by itself speaks volumes of the vision of its founder who have also garnered the notable Richard Branson, “entrepreneur extraordinaire” to support this noble effort.

Though nascent in its beginnings, Asia Speakers Bureau is on the right track to emerge as a premier establishment in helping entrepreneurs increases their cutting edge through a series of learning sessions and panel discussions, which invariably will lend greater credence to the spirit of entrepreneurship in Singapore.

Khoo Teck Kim, Managing Director, Kim & Partners Pte Ltd

"Translating Ideas into Action, that's the hallmark of David Wee. The existence of Asia Speakers Bureau is one that truly reflects David's vision."

Sim Chow Boon, Founding National Director, Business Network Int'l (BNI)

For big corporations it is often easier to make progress in marketing than for SME's. SME's have far lesser room to experiment and to learn from mistakes.

The ASB hosts professionals that have made these mistakes already in Asia - although that may not be the first thing they'll tell.

If you're looking for inspiration or consultancy, it's often tough to find the one company that understands your business and your issues. The variety of expertise’s and backgrounds represented by the ASB can make it easier for you to meet and select without any attachments.

Erik van Vulpen, Brand Director Cheil/Samsung

The ability to mass-produce and even mass-customize products has left very little room for companies to differentiate themselves. Therefore companies will need to move higher in the value chain by creating new value. Competitive Advantage is all about creating new strategies in order to generate new business value.

Lawrence Chong, CEO, ACIVAR Brand Consultants

In today, knowledge economy, competitive advantages are not about just being competitive. SME or large corporation must be able to sustain competitive advantages.

Like a core team, core business and a highly competitive and knowledgeable workforces. Without any sustainable competitive advantages, the firm will not last long as competition will overtake you and grab your customers.

Chris Pan, In-FinMAS MBA (Marketing)-UK. MBA (Financial Management)-Aust

"The need to understand and find out about successful strategic options that firms may choose in order to gain a competitive advantage is so very important in these challenging times".

Derrick Kon, Managing Director, CEO Solutions Pte Ltd, President of Strategic Management Interest Group, Singapore Institute of Management

“In this fast changing Internet age, it is particularly important for every organization to identify and focus on its competitive advantage to compete effectively in the marketplace. Without a distinct competitive advantage, it is not possible for any organization to even survive.”

Stanley Mak, Partner, Decision Communications Pte Ltd

Creating a competitive advantage is one thing. Sustaining it is quite another.

Having the latest computers or superior business systems will not ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. The ability of your workers to continuously learn and upgrade their skills faster than the competition will.

In this age of ' Competitive Intelligence', getting ahead, and staying ahead is about using more of both sides of your head.

Clinton Lim, CEO, Learning Brain International, Inventor of Mindpowerrr, Buzan Instructor

"I first know David Wee as the General Manager and CEO of a healthcare & food company and heard of him as a very experienced trainer. It was until I met him in March this year that I got to know what a passionate person David is. David has so much passion and dedication in training and education that I cannot help but be moved by him. Through our brief encounters, David gave me many ideas on how to market my business better. It was through him that I truly understand what 'Strategic Alliance' really means.

In short, if anybody wants to learn and share, look for David Wee."

Andy Ng, CPA, MBA Principal Business Coach, Consultant and Trainer, Harness Potential Associates

Whether an Organization enjoys competitive advantage or not will be decided by the consumer at the market place. The Organization in the short term, therefore, has to delight the consumer and in the long run convince him/her of receiving excellent value for his/her money. Most organizations would have an easy access to capital as well as same or similar technology. The differentiating factor, therefore, is unlikely to be any product plus but really the brand equity created by the synergistic efforts of technical, commercial and marketing personnel and their innovative contributions.

It is harnessing, developing and directing people power that will result in a competitive edge over sustained periods and ensure sustained profitable growth of the Organization. I am sure the direct linkage between the ‘competitive advantage’ and the ‘organizational effectiveness’ will be fully dealt with in the seminar arranged by the ASB. I offer them my best wishes.

Atul Kaji, Proprietor, Leveredge Management Services, Mumbai, India.

Entrepreneurial Leadership taught by an Entrepreneur, who has "been there, done that" gives credibility to
David's teachings. The entrepreneurial spirit in leaders will make a difference to the success of any company.
I strongly recommend this course.

Peter Boo, DirectorL-Pine Trading Pte Ltd

"David has shared his valuable experiences with the course participants. He is very sincere and frank to relate his real life failures. The contents of the seminar were well presented and elaborated. He has prepared many interesting slides but due to time constraint, not all the slides were shown to the participants."

Lawrence Liew, Operations Manager, Bartley Secondary School

"I find that David is a sincere and humorous speaker who is able to relate his experiences to the audience and personally, I find that the seminar opens up my thinking space."

Ng Chor Hoon, Manager, Operations Control, Merrill Lynch International Bank Ltd

"I know David as a bright and creative person. I do believe that in this two days seminar he will share his creativity to you as an entrepreneurial leader."

Handito Hadi Joewono, CPM (Asia Pacific), Managing Partner, Arrbey Indonesia

The ice-breaker, brain warm up was good. Very relax style, which is good.

Mohd Faisal, Manager, National Parks Board

Patience, open to discussion, open to dialogue.

Paul H Thompson, Section Head, National Parks Board

It’s good how topics covered are so related with real experiences.

Dinu Jayasinghe, Manager, National Parks Board

Real life examples, sharing and discussion

Tay Boon Sin, Section Head, National Parks Board

Attending this seminar, is a big opportunity for me... I was able to sit around those successful entrepreneurs around the world! Mr. David Wee is a kind of speaker who is knowledgeable of LEADERSHIP... During his seminar he set himself examples and picture out the ideas in the participants' thought, thus, making them ALIVE. Whereby there isn't just a learning process present but ACTION as well... He doesn't make you feel like a mediocre around the class. Everyone is an achiever and a leader. And it brings out the truest desire in you to lead.

I enjoyed the most when he did icebreakers and class interactions, I was able to see the unnoticeable mistakes usually management people refuse to see... He will make you realize that in order to stand out from the fast changing world of entrepreneurial market you need to innovate the leader that is inside you.... Thanks a lot for this opportunity!!!

David Wee. A leader that is inside you.

Clairevee Aya Gamboa, Assistant Manager, Shima Restaurant Pte Ltd

This is a good seminar because it is different from many other seminars whereby participants are very interactive and most important of all is that participants are just as willing in sharing their experiences.
Mr. David Wee is a good speaker, very knowledgeable and open with his past experiences. Presentation materials are well prepared and with lots of supporting data / information. Thank you very much for having the opportunity to attend you seminar - - look forward towards attending your future planned seminars.

Michael Wong, Product Manager, Jamesbury Products (Asia Pacific), Metso Automation Pte Ltd

Highly interactive. Great audience participation and good idea sharing. There were clear and stimulating ideas and good information. Motivating, informative, interesting, openness and willing to share good ideas. Thought - provoking session.

National Community Leadership Institute, Singapore

David's life story is a great product of learning. He has been through 'heaven and hell' and he is one of the most important leadership assets on earth. I enjoyed his seminar on the ‘Journey of Entrepreneurship.’ Beside the seminar content, the lively group participation and discussion session is interactive and it also provides a platform for networking and sharing. This seminar is for budding entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who need new understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and what it takes to be a servant leader. The learning from this seminar is unique, real and yet you can't find them in any textbooks. You need to attend it to learn and to experience the benefits.

Steve Seah, Owner of blogsite www.entrepreneur2b.com

David, thank you for the engaging and very interactive seminar, also your generosity to share unselfishly when we asked you questions like "How do you know you want to start creative stationary experience even though you have no experience" "Why didn't you re-enter the same business since you know the critical failure and success steps", etc..

Through interactive exercise, the learnings I have got are (i)One must be prepared to change from inside (ii) dare to try (of course not blindly) (iii) low overhead and good cash inflow.

To listen and interact with a true, down-to-earth, "battle-field" experienced entrepreneur is definitely much much more valuable than listening to the various gurus who do not have the "live" experience to struggle in real business world.

Daniel Tsi, Cerebos

David Wee is a highly motivational speaker who has a very stimulating approach to coaching entrepreneurship. He engages you, challenges your thinking power and inspires you in the process.


Your journey and information provided to us is an eye opening experience for me. I appreciate very much. I already ordered those books on your handout. My daughter is also reading it.

CS Chen, MD.,Ph.D. Associate Professor, NUS

It’s an honour to learn a lot from David. Lucky there’s someone like David who’s willing to share knowledge for others improvement and change mind set.

David is knowledgeable, excellent speaker, very positive motivator, and effective facilator.

David, describing your personal experience is a good example to inspire the floor to be ‘entrepreneurial’

David has opened my eyes to the advantages of failures. On that failure are not the end of the of the world. Learn a lot from David.


David’s presentation is definitely inspirational. He motivates by sharing some of his past experiences. A creative way of teaching and learning through games makes the whole session interesting. Good work, keep it up!

Shyan Tham, Events Executive, CPA Australia Ltd - Singapore

A down to earth, back to basics, inspirational speaker who speaks with his heart and punctuates it with his real life experience.

Bhupesh Yadav, Regional Director of Operations, FRASERS HOSPITALITY PTE LTD

David is an engaging speaker who is able to present his thoughts and materials effectively.

Tonya Khong, General Manager, FRASER SUITES / FRASER PLACE

David is a lively trainer who's able to engage his audience.

Sofiah Koh, Senior Manager, Human Resource, FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED

Simple but a lot of valuable truths that can be applied.

Choe Peng Sum, Chief Executive Officer, FRASERS HOSPITALITY PTE LTD

David has great personal sharing's that they really give credibility to his talks. The personal experience and failures would definitely inspire people who aspire to be an entrepreneur.

Joanne Ang, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, FRASERS HOSPITALITY PTE LTD

David is passionate in what he does and wants to help the participants acquire as much as they want.

David Hendrick Jr, Manager, Learning & Organizational Development, FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED

I am impressed by your openness and willingness to bare-all, skillfully though!

Like good seeds, now it all depends on where the good seeds have fallen. Just hope that we are more like the fertile soil that would allow such good seeds to multiple a 100-folds!

Thank you David and God bless!

Paul Chang, Inventor / CEO, CAL-LAB Group

Thank you for coming forward to share with us your invaluable empirical life experience. It benefits us holistically.

Jimmy Lai, MD/ Inventor, Ameba Product (M) Sdn Bhd

The real-life examples of innovation surrounding us and the practical exercises are most useful to us from this workshop. The style in which the workshop is conducted from David is good and engaging. David is an effective Workshop Facilitator.

The case study and assignment are very useful. David uses actual examples and experiences. Making the workshop realistic and practical and not just theoretical.

Ideas and thinking process put in the workshop are thinkable and practical. David is an experience presenter. Good and captivating.

Open up the creative realm. Creativity can transform a normal person into an exception person.

We would be interested to attend David's next series of workshops and seminars.

Singapore Civil Defence Force

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